As a child she wanted to be either a brain surgeon or an artist.   Why? Because her favorite color was red.  (It still is…) 


She received her first blue ribbon in her second grade art class.  It was there she realized she couldn't live a day without art.


Her talent turned into passion as her education developed. High School opened the door to her exploration of other mediums such as black and white photography, silk screening and painting with weekend classes at Herron Art School.


She went to college intending to study Fine Arts. But one crisp fall day at age 19, an auto accident almost claimed her life.  She died three times on the operating table and miraculously survived with a story to tell.    With a blended family of six children, Erin recently founded The Mother Artist Project “MAP”.   It's her way of documenting the lives of inspiring mother artists, like herself, who try to create a career with a family and carve out an artful life.


From her studio or the kitchen table, she makes art because she can't live without it.  No matter how many children are at her feet, or in her paints, Erin finds a way to do the one thing she loves.     Create